Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Waipa Delta

I have posted a photo of the Waipa Delta steamer before, but this one was taken in misty conditions. The bridge is called Bridge Street bridge!


Brett said...

Lovely shot

Anonymous said...

It is a lovely shot and I wonder what the rest of the Waipa Delta looks like? I never saw a bridge with a skirt like this one has on the bottom arch. Is there a purpose for that? My first impression was that it must be a people walkway but then I can see the steel beams through it so that made me curious.

Hilda said...

Very imaginative name. ;-)

I'd love to be able to see and ride a steamer one of these days. They look so quaint.

The fog lends a lovely atmosphere to your photo.

Dave said...

The bridge is also called the Victoria Bridge, after Queen Victoria. The first bridge here was made of wood, also called the Victoria Bridge, and was eventually replaced with this one.
I like your picture as the mist adds mystery. - Dave

Sakiwi said...

Thanks for the information, Cimba!