Monday, March 31, 2008

Book sale

I love books and frequently spend lots of time (and money) in bookshops. I particularly love book sales, like this sidewalk sale shown in the photograph.


Urang Awak said...

Hi Sakiwi,

Hmm I can not resist either to any Sale, especially books!

Nice photos you have down there! Anyway welcome to teh community!


Anonymous said...

i love books too.
i think i'd love to live in your city just because of the bookshops :)

Neva said...

I love books as well...nice shot.

Sakiwi said...

Thanks for the comments! I love this bookshop and try to go there every Sunday morning.

Saffers in NZ said...

Looks like the place to visit- love your website!

Sakiwi said...

Hi Plaskets!
It's Poppy's in Casabella Lane. Pay them a visit.