Sunday, April 20, 2008


Waffles with bacon, apple sauce, greek yoghurt, honey and seasonal fruits.

Oscar Wilde famously said that only dull people are brilliant at breakfast. I tend to agree with the great man, but I should like to amend his famous words slightly to the following: the dull become brilliant after breakfast.

To me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. My reasons for this view are not the conventional ones that nutritionists and dieticians espouse. Nutrition is important, yes, but occasion is even more important. Breakfast, to me, is an occasion, an event that sets the tone for the day. It's an integral part of my slow philosophy. I sit, I read, I observe, I reflect, I muse - and sometimes I even eat! It is the highlight of the day. It shapes my mind and thoughts for that day. If the breakfast experience is good, the day is good.


Anonymous said...

Anybody from New Zealand has got to be listened to and your breakfast piece is good reading.

The word, "Breakfast" really does mean "break" "fast" overnight. So I do agree it is the most important meal of any day. The least important is the evening meal as it puts the fat on the hams and ribs.

Waffles though should be as large as your plate. I would say that these must be the kind people pop in toasters for kids. So small and probably expensive.

I did enjoy your blog and also enjoyed your visit to mine.


The Plaskets in NZ said...

Wow that looks like a work of art, not a brekkie! Yummy

Sakiwi said...

Courtesy of Metropolis in Victoria Street! It looks nicer than it tasted. Old Man Lincoln is right -those weren't proper waffles! Where's a Milky Lane when you need one!?