Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July theme day

Oh my goodness! I cannot help but smile every time I walk past this sign at the public swimming pool. Perish the thought!!
I thought that I had registered for theme day, but apparently not. OOPS! However, I suppose that nothing prevents me from "informally" participating in the theme!


Cimba7200 said...

Hi SAKIWI. As we have been away I haven't seen your blog for several days. A facinating selection of photos. Specially liked the green and rust picture. - Dave

Dave said...

Yikes!! Not sure I would want to use the pool anyway :)


Ben said...

That is the split! Good on you for positing the theme post!

Ineke said...

OMG. Makes you wonder what kind of crappy cleaning system they use.

The Plaskets in NZ said...

Thank goodness it's winter and swimming is definately not in the line up of events for the near future!!! Nice post! Loved it - cheers