Sunday, April 19, 2009

Here birdy birdy!

This little bird joined us for cake and coffee the other day. It was one of a whole flock perching on the outside tables of the cafe pecking away at crumbs.


Aimz said...

cute@! they tend to do that when we're having coffee up here too :-) btw I did add my photo blog to the city blog website too.

Daily Chicago Photo said...

How cute! And such a great close-up. I'm trying to photograph birds in the Chicago area - some are migrating through - and know from experience that getting a shot like this takes patience! Good for you

Saffers in NZ said...

Excellent shot, I am hopeless with micro shots! Well done
Cheers Lynn

Baruch said...

Beautiful capture

Anonymous said...

looks like some kind of finch with that beak, but i have no idea what.

give us a clue!

can't wait to get to hamilton and see them for myself