Saturday, April 4, 2009

Upon reflection ...

My last post on this blog was on 28 September 2008. At that time, I decided that I had had enough of photography and blogging. Upon reflection, I realise that all I needed was a bit of a break. I have now had my break and have therefore decided to resume photo blogging. I hope that you are just as excited as I am about my getting back out there capturing beautiful images of Hamilton life, particularly now that it is autumn!

Today's photo ties in with the reflection theme.


Saffers in NZ said...

Hey welcome back to the land of the living! We missed your photography! Looking fwd to seeing many more! I thought you went back to SA! Lynn

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back again... will look forward to seeing some more of your unique view of NZ

zizlon said...

Happy to see you again!
What about your preferred Bar to drink italian "espresso" coffe?

Sakiwi said...

Thanks very much for welcoming me back!

Zizlon, I'm off for my morning espresso now. I'll take a photo and post it later this week.

Kay, thanks for following the blog. You should get your own and post photos of all your adventures, particularly the ones on your bicycle!

The Plaskets, dankie vir julle ondersteuning / thanks for your support! It's nice to have SA'ns who are so positive about Hamilton!

Dave said...

Hey mate, me too. We thought you something unpleasant had happened to you. Lynn of the Plaskets was especially concerned. I spotted your icon on my N0.2 blogsite. Welcome back! - Dave