Monday, April 6, 2009

Ode to espresso

I am without doubt addicted to my morning espresso. I cannot face the day without it.

The first thing I do in the morning after waking up, is stumble to the kitchen to switch on the espresso machine. While the water heats up, I grind the coffee beans. The whizz of the coffee grinder - and the intoxicating aroma of the ground beans - wakes me from any remaining slumber. I delicately put a scoop of the ground coffee into the filter holder, attach it to the machine and switch the dial to espresso. The sound of the water being pressured through the ground beans is magical; the aroma of the delicate liquid that trickles into the cup is intoxicating. And then, the first taste of the crema on top: pure, sublime bliss.

Ode to espresso

nothing smells better
than beans crushed so fine
hot water extracting
flavour sublime

part science part art
join man and machine
creating golden ritual
from black roasted bean

with pungent aroma
wafting boldly from cup
I could go without
addicted, I’m not

elixir so dark
my senses make bright
first thing each morning
in you I delight

Ode to espresso taken from Tishenko's blog:


Dave said...

Liked the poem. - Dave

raymond said...

Glad you enjoyed the poem! Cheers!