Sunday, April 5, 2009

The End of Daylight Saving

Today is a significant day on the New Zealand calendar. It is the first Sunday in April, which is by law the end of Daylight Saving for the previous year. This means that Daylight Saving commenced on the last Sunday in September of last year, when 2.00am became 3.00am, and ended today on the first Sunday in April of this year, when 3.00am became 2.00am. Later this year, Daylight Saving will recommence on 27 September 2009, which is the last Sunday in September.


Saffers in NZ said...

Slept in for an extra hour this morning!

Baruch said...

You disappeared off the radar for a while, so welcome back - great to see you posting again

Sakiwi said...

DST as a concept totally confuses me. I have read the justification for it, but I remain skeptical.

Be that as it may, I cannot be the only odd one out. All the clocks in the household have therefore been turned back an hour.