Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A misty morning

The Waikato river on a misty morning.
The photo is taken from a small wooden jetty, sponsored by the Ambassador Motor Inn, a local motel. What I fail to understand is the desire of some people to make their mark, quite literally, as shown in the photo. I have substantially more appreciation for tagging - especially if it has some artistic merit - than this kind of mindless vandalism.


Anonymous said...

Vandalism starts at home. The question is where was "their" home education. Parents don't teach respect for other things, including property.

I like your photo.

Aimz said...

We had mist up here too this morning, I took loads of photos while I was out walking the dog. I like the autumn trees in the background of this one.

William Knight said...

Philosophically I don't see the difference between making a mark with a blog and making a mark on an advertising plaque. Every body wants to leave a mark!

But, there are ways to do it and ways not to, of course.

You have some great photos here.

Baruch said...

Very nicely taken - a pity about the tagging - really a nuisance